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Alekszandr Jaremko was born in Ukraine the 18th of November, 1990 and since then he lived in Hungary and in the Netherlands. He is a saxophoniest, composer and producer who began his musical journey at the age of eight playing in the rythm section of a fanfare orchestra. 

At first he study classical music in Hungary and got into contemperary education in the Netherlands. Because of his vision and an expression of musical ideas as well improvisation he got into jazz studies. From there it was clear path and a goal towards creating his own sound. Since 2015 he got into producing electronic music and collecting material himself and also with groups.

What makes him special and gives a recognizable unique style is the use of accoustic and electronic instruments with a theorithical concept.

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Dear Reader


My name is Aleks, I would like to thank you for listening to my music. It is very important to me for many reasons. The works that you hear are the resault of 20 years of experiance. It was difficult to get here but with hard work I can say I am very proud to present my story. 

For all this time I was looking forward to find the right way of playing music I never could deside what kind of style should I play. Now it is more important what do I want to say with my music and why do I need to say it. It is a much more simpler answer then I ever thought of. All I want to say is that it is possible to create anything that you dream of but only the ones get to know it are who really exist, think, look, touch, tast, feel and listen. 

I hear music in everithing and it is not by an accident. There is a blind side of everithing when we do not know why we do what we do. I do it so that we recognize ourselfs as limitless possibilities.

I have choose the one that I am good at and will always fight deeper.

I would like to thank my family, friends and our planat for existing



At school

Vikár Béla music school (Barcs, HUN)

Liszt Ferenc music school (Pécs, HUN)

Art and music highschool  (Pécs, HUN) 
HKU Conservatory, Classical saxophone (Utrecht, NL)
CODARTS, Jazz saxophone (Rotterdam, NL) 


worked with

HKU Saxophone Orchestra
Utrecht Conservatorium BigBand
Codarts BigBand conducted by Ilja Reijngold
Royal&Codarts BigBand, John Rocco and with s.g. Jorge Pardo 

Ibrahim Keivo Ensamble

Jannis Wolf Quintet
Zoltan Polgár Quartet

Alekszandr Jaremko Quartet
Beast Behind the Sound Design


Winner of D&D found 2021 (NL)

Winner of a NKA creative found 2020 (HUN)

Winner Csepregi Gyula Saxophone Competition 2018 (HUN)

Best soloist and a combo price winner 2017 (HUN)

Nominated for Keep on Eye the Records with the Jannis Wolff Quintet 2016 (NL)

Bibrecht Jazz competition 2nd price and best composition price with the Jannis Wolff Quintet 2016 (GER)

Rotary-Award winner saxophonist 2008 (HUN)

2 times Zsolnay-Award (HUN)

Hungarian classical saxophone competition II. price 2006 (HUN)

Hungarian classical saxophone competition II. price 2003 (HUN)
Winner of Regional Somogy-state saxophone competition 2002 (HUN)

Best sounding musician regional chamber-music festival 2001 (HUN)

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